Join Our Fearless Challenge Today

What would you do if you weren’t afraid?

We need leaders in every community who can engage diverse stakeholders, assess individual school needs, and create space for localized conversation and action about childhood health and learning.

Since 2009, we’ve partnered with more than 8000 schools to show one of our films–Race to Nowhere or Beyond Measure–and to facilitate meaningful conversations about creating healthy learning environments for our children. Recently, one such school rose to the fore: Lexington High School in Massachusetts, where 15% of students have said they’ve considered taking their own life in the last year. As dire as those statistics are, the Lexington community is moving beyond fear to courageously take action. As reported in the New York Times, after screening our films and reading our book as a community, Lexington is addressing the root causes of student stress in their schools, and taking multi-pronged action. Avoiding finger-pointing or Band-Aid fixes, Lexington is working on the kinds of solutions–like fundamentally redefining what it means to be a successful student–that lead to true culture change. They’re addressing their pressure-cooker school culture head-on, by coming together to identify problems, find solutions, and listen to one another.

We’d love to partner with your community, too, bringing our films and book to your town to spark dialogue and action. We’ll provide the film, discussion questions, promotional materials, and the chance to tap into our vast national network of grassroots educational change-makers. In turn, you can use Race to Nowhere to open up an honest and productive conversation about student health and wellness in your community, and our new film Beyond Measure (and our book of the same title!) for inspiration on real-life school transformations that have upended the pressure-cooker school climate.

“Without new visions we don’t know what to build, only what to knock down.”
– Robin Kelley, Author and UCLA Professor