As we find ourselves in the middle of a global pandemic, shaking the foundations of our education system, it’s time to radically increase the impact of our work. Replicating status-quo-school on Zoom isn’t helping our children. Sitting for hours on the computer doesn’t benefit their developing minds and bodies. And worrying about the effects of the so-called “Covid-slide” will only end up undermining students’ self-identities as learners.

The solution to the current moment isn’t to double down on standardized testing to measure how much students have fallen behind, or attempt to run faster in hopes of “catching up” to arbitrary benchmarks. The solution is a seismic shift beyond the race to nowhere—away from a culture of fear and competition toward one of trust, balance, and collaboration. Now more than ever, we must bring a greater humanity to learning and focus our attention around supporting the total well-being of our students.

We believe that empowering people to make this movement their own is one of our greatest strengths during this current moment and for years to come. Each person, family, school, or community that dares to challenge convention shows others it can be done. We have developed a range of resources for individuals to support positive action on issues related to homework, balanced schedules, testing, college admissions, later start times, and how to shift our cultural definitions of success in school and the workplace. Our book also includes an extensive action guide, which you can view for free here.

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