High School 9-1-1

High School 9-1-1 chronicles a year in the life of the only ambulance service in Darien, Connecticut that just happens to be run by high school teenagers?! This one-of-a-kind organization services 20,000 residents 365 days a year, 24/7 and responds to over 1500 emergency calls annually.

The foundation of Darien EMS–Post 53 is the empowerment of young people through adult and peer mentorship. “Posties” are taught a multitude of managerial, critical thinking and emergency medical skills and then given the responsibility to implement what they have learned by actually running their own EMS organization.

The goal of the film is to inspire and empower teenagers as well as motivate the adults in their lives—parents, educators, school administrators, community leaders—to create opportunities for them to become empowered, learn by doing and make a difference in their communities.

Directed by Tim Warren

“An all-volunteer force depends on the willingness, capabilities, and capacities of a nation’s youth to serve. While much has been made of the paucity of youths who meet the physical and moral qualifications to serve in the military, there are also open questions about the desire of upcoming generations to serve. But what builds that desire, and what roles should older generations play? The film High School 911 tells the story of an emergency medical service in Darien, Connecticut staffed and run entirely by high school students. The results not only include a needed enhancement in a town’s emergency services but also the development of important life skills and empowerment of youth.”
– US Army War College’s WAR ROOM Editor-In-Chief Andrew A. Hill