Schedule a Series of
Community Film Screenings


Our films have been embraced far and wide by all those passionate about freeing childhood and our schools from the race to nowhere. They have been screened everywhere from school gyms to religious sanctuaries, from college lecture halls to boardrooms and living rooms. Now, it’s your community’s turn. 


Race to Nowhere 25

After each film, facilitate a community forum, giving everyone a chance to voice and listen to observations, concerns, and ideas.


Use our surveys, action guides and other resources to create community-driven changes at your school and community. We’ve found that communities that come together again and again in brick-and-mortar venues are better equipped to create effective, long-lasting change.


Race to Nowhere highlights the narrow vision for success that has created an epidemic of student anxiety, depression and disengagement.

Beyond Measure showcases passionate leaders who are making schools places of deep learning and well-being for every child, offering a model of all that is possible in education when communities decide to put students first.

Our book Beyond Measure, Rescuing an Overscheduled, Overtested, Underestimated Generation, offers practical steps for revolutionizing schools and reclaiming well-being. When you host a community read, we offer a discussion and action guide to support you.

High School 9-1-1 is the moving and mind-blowing story of an ambulance service in Darien, CT, run entirely by high school teenagers, demonstrating all that young people are capable of when given service-learning opportunities.

The Gatekeeper: Math in America, currently in production, shines a light on one of the most pressing causes of inequity and anxiety among students—and one with incredible potential to transform both education and U.S. society at large.


There are several options for hosting, including using the screening as a fundraiser. Our team provides everything to ensure a successful event.